Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snowmobile Weekend

S7000508, originally uploaded by jaker1983. Click the picture to go to Flickr.

Last weekend, on Presidents Day, Elle went for her first ride on a snowmobile. She really didn't know she was on the snowmobile because she was still in her car seat, but it's fun to say that she had her first ride at five weeks. I am feeling kind of sore from being a little too crazy, but I'm alright. We had a lot of fun in the snow this weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Baby Weight

I went to my first weight watchers meeting today. I have never been so motivated to lose weight. I am so jealous of all those girls that have a baby and then are in their pre-pregnancy clothes a week later. So not fair. Now I'm just waiting on the go-ahead from my dr. to start working out. I can't wait!
Elle is doing great. She's off of oxygen and she should be off of her apnea monitor this coming monday. She up to 11.5 pounds. and already in 3 month old clothing. Next pregnancy I am going to insist that they induce me early!
We're going to be blessing Elle on March 2nd. She and my cousin Summer's son Beckham are being blessed on the same day. I think it's so fun. And my Sister Carmel, my dad and my grandma are all going to be coming out from CA for the occasion. I can't wait to see them! And Carmel finds out what she's having next wednesday so we can go baby clothes shopping while she's out here. Yea!