Sunday, October 26, 2008


Jake has been gone since Thursday for a PRSSA convention in Detroit. (PRSSA is a Public Relations student association that Jake is the Secretary for). The PRSA is there as well which is the national one for professionals. He has been making some really good contacts but I miss him a lot. I just have to look at it like a dry run for when he leaves for the Navy :( .
This is what I have been doing with my time while he has been gone:
Thurs I went to Gardner Village with my cousins Summer and Amber, their mom Tana and some members of the other side of the fam. I had so much fun!
On my way home I called my friend Megan Sellers/Guerrero and found out that she was super sick with the flu and that my other friend who also happens to be Megan's sister in law, Chelsey got it too. So Megan (who was feeling slightly better by then) and I went over to see if we could do anything for her. I felt so bad for the both of them.
Friday I went up to SLC with my friend/old roommate Chrissie and her husband Sevak. Sevak was translating for a reagional conference at the conference center, so while he did that Chrissie and I took our babes to the Gateway. We had a lot of fun shopping and eating Haagen Daas (sp?) Then we went to visit our other old roommate Elizabeth. Not the best angle of us :)
Saturday Megan, Chelsey and my sis Kaitlyn came over to help me clean my house and Kaitlyn and Megan pretty much did it all with out me. I know, they rock! I felt really sick the whole day, and still felt pretty yucky today. No I am not pregnant! Chelsey ended up staying the night and we watched the movie "Married Life". It was okay. Kind of boring. We still had a lot of fun though. We stayed up late talking probably till 2 or 3. I totally miss that part of living with girls.
It's been a fun, busy weekend and makes me less fearful about when Jake is gone on float. Thanks for all the fun, girls!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

General Relief Society Broadcast

I was able to go with a couple of my sisters and my mom to the General Relief Society Broadcast. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong there. And I felt like all of the talks were written just for me.
On another note, right before my sister Ganel met my mom and I in the conference center, she ran into one of my best friends and is also my sister's sister-in-law, Christa Cobabe who is serving her mission on Temple Square. I guess you could call us sister's in law-law :) They made plans to meet up with all of us at a specific point afterward so that I could see her. It was so awesome. I hadn't seen her since I had Elle, so I am going to try and go up there on her Pday and take her and her companion out to lunch. I had so much fun.
After the broad cast, my sister Kaitlyn, my mom and I went out to eat at Market Street Grill. Yummy! Here is a pic from the broadcast last year and this year.