Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scooter Accident

My husband was in a scooter accident today. He was driving home from his internship in American Fork (that is about a half hour from us). He was going about 45 mph and hit a big patch of oil. He's fine. He stood right up after the accident and drove his scooter home. I made him go to the Dr. and they put some bandages on him. The Dr. said that if the cut on his right knee had be much deeper, he would have needed a skin graft. He was very blessed because this could have been a whole lot worse! There are some pictures below just because I know some of Jakes family wanted to see them.


Arah said...

OUCH! That looked like ot hurt.

The Cobabes said...

That looks like one hairy painful leg :)

Gail B said...

Dude, I am sorry that happened. I hope he has a helmet to protect his head. My husband rides a motorcycle and I am almost always a little worried about that exact thing happening.