Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Death Cab for Cutie!

Jake and I went to thanksgiving point on Memorial day and saw Death Cab for Cutie in concert. They are one of our favorite bands and they sing our song. I know, totally cheesy.
It was so much fun! The weather was not the best. It was 32 degrees and had been raining all day so the grass was soaked. But we came prepared with a blanket and garbage bags to sit on. We ran into one of Jake's mission companions and a couple of my friends from my Raintree days. (For all you people that don't live in Provo, Raintree is a single student apartment complex.) Jake's grandparents watched the babe and the pup for us. It was so nice to be able to go out by ourselves for a change. The last time we were able to do that was a week after the baby was born.
Anyway, here are some photos of the concert, and a video of them singing our song. It's not the entire song because our camera ran out of batteries.

P.S. There is also a video of Jake giving Elle a lemon. It's funny.
P.P.S. The lemon was not my idea.

Okay, the death cab video is not uploading. If you want to see it, it is on our Flickr account.


julie said...

i'm jealous!! i LOVE those guys & i'm so glad you guys got a break. you look so cute. :)

Arah said...

I want to go to a Death Cab concert! Were they good in person? I'm jealous!

Becky said...

I so have that same car seat. Did you get it off

The Davis Fam said...

Nope, I got it on amazon. I love it!

The Davis Fam said...

Arah, They were very good live.The lead singer actually sounds almost exactly the same. It was awesome.

lissakins said...

You guys are so cute and young! And I love the lemon... isn't it fun to tease your kids? Elle is too adorable.

The McAllisters said...

Hey, I told you I would leave you my Becky wants to hang out too. Email me and we will set something up.