Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's Been a Month!

I am really terrible about posting. I know I say that probably in every post. I tell myself all the time that I will be better about posting on here, but something always comes up. Anyway, here are some recent pictures from our various adventures.
So first off....I rode Jake's scooter all by myself. And I'm sure it was very entertaining for everyone present. I have to admit. It was kind of scary at first, but after a little while, it was a blast!
Elle is eating solids now. This is her eating carrots. There is no keeping this child clean while she eats! She has also been sitting up on her own for a couple of weeks now.

We went to Jake's family reunion last weekend at Cherry Hill. We camped out (which my back was not too happy about) but we had a lot of fun.
My cousin, Summer turned 30 on June 26 and a bunch of us went up to Salt Lake to be in the audience for "Good Things Utah". It was so fun. We went up and met all of the hosts afterward. My sister Ganel-Lyn is really good friends with Angie (second one in from left), so it was fun chatting with her. We went Macaroni Grill afterward for a yummy lunch. So far it has been a very busy summer!


The Patricks said...

I LOVE Elle! She's such an amazingly beautiful baby!

Don't worry about the blogging thing. I can definitely see why it's not a priority when you have Elle to be taking care of:)

Glad to see you're doing well. See ya when you come out to meet Emerson.

julie said...

your baby is precious and you look great! also, i discovered a friend of ours (who now lives in southern utah) knows ganel-lyn. i believe they were in the same ward. small world. :)

The Davis Fam said...

What is her name?

Anonymous said...

Shevaun, you can check out my blog anytime! I'm so happy that you do! I'm on your from time to time. heeheee
You have such a beautiful baby girl and I adore her name! She has your gorgeous big eyes! Best wishes. -Emily

Summer Adams said...

i'm just looking at this. great pic! i think it's better than mine so i might have to snake it from ya ;-) ha!

oh, bday is the 23rd and that is also the day we for the record! :)